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mario kart wii boxMario Kart Wii - Tips, Tricks & Secrets

Page updated: April 14th - 2013

Best Mario Kart ever? Debatable... but I assume most Kart-Konoseuars could at least agree that the game is very fun.

You can play online against folk from around the globe. (One day, I'll be good enough to beat 8 year old kids in Japan. )

Here are our tips, tricks, secrets and cheats for Mario Kart Wii:

How to Unlock your Mii in Mario Kart

miiIt took us a while to figure out how to play as your own Mii Character within Mario Kart. All you need to do is beat the 100cc Special Cup to unlock your Mii. This means you need to win Gold on the 100cc Special Cup.

Additionally, you can unlock your Mii with different outfit by playing the time trials. Unlock 32 expert ghosts in the time trials to unlock Mii with "Outfit #2". So, you need to defeat a normal course ghost with a time at least seven seconds faster to unlock the expert ghost for that course. (Rinse and repeat 31 more times).

Mario Kart Wii Power Start / Quick Start

Power Boost at Start - 3, 2, 1 -- Gooooooo! Does everyone except you seem to get that zippy burst of power at the start of races? Can't get the timing just right? Well, no more... here is the trick -- and with a little practice you'll always get the boost.

When you see the "2" start to fade -- push and hold down the gas button (button 2) to get your boost.

Mario Kart Wii Fast Recovery

This is for after you fall down into a hole. Similar to the the quick start above. If you push the gas button (button 2) exactly when you dropped back onto the coarse. (Push it right when you land) -- you'll get a temporary speed boost.

All Unlockable Characters in Mario Kart Wii

unlock wii charactersMost secret characters are unlocked by winning 1st place gold in certain cups, achieving "Star Ranking" on races, and unlocking "expert staff" ghost data in the Time Trials mode.

King Boo: Get gold (win 1st place) in the 50cc Star Cup

Mii (Outfit A): Get gold (win 1st place) in the 100cc Special Cup.

Dry Bones: Get gold (win 1st place) in the 100cc Leaf Cup.

Daisy - Get gold (win 1st place) in the 150cc Special Cup.

Baby Daisy - One Star rank or better in all 50cc cups.

Bowser Jr. - Get a One Star rank or better in all 100cc Retro Cups.

Rosalina: One Star rank or better in all Mirror Mode Wii Cups.

Dry Bowser: Get a One Star rank or better in all 150cc Wii Cups.

Baby Luigi - Unlock eight expert staff ghost data in the Time Trials.

Birdo - Play 16 different courses in Time Trials.

Diddy Kong: Successfully complete all 50cc Cups.

Funky Kong: Unlock four Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials.

Mii (Outfit B): Unlock all 32 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials.

Toadette: Play all 32 courses in Time Trials or win 1,000 online matches.

Star Rankings on Mario Kart Wii

Staying on the track, doing lots of jumps, and keeping the lead will help you get Star Ranks.

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