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Our family got a Wii... and we're all hooked. Here is a listing of our games, and a spot for my ratings & rambles + game cheats, secrets, etc. etc.

Also see our arcade with Online flash games compatible with Wii.

Mario Kart Wii Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Secrets:

mario cart wii

Mario Kart is a super fun game, but if you want to compete online you are going to need these tips. Also, here is how you unlock your own Mii as a playable character.

Mario Kart Wii - Our Tips - How to Unlock your Mii & more

Our Wii Game Collection and my Quick Ratings

Mario Kart - Fun for everyone. 4 Players at a time. Online mode, lots of unlockables and secrets to find.

Wii Resort - Good graphics, well made collection of mini games. If you liked Wii Sports or Wii Play this is another one for you.

Force Unleashed - You start as Darth Vader, you are the Dark Side. You can move objects with the Force. You are one bad muthaFxxxer! Worth it just to feel so naughty.

Tiger Woods 10 - What you would expect in Tiger Woods golf plus an awesome collection of mini games.

Our WiiWare:

- World of Goo - Super rad, smart and cute puzzle game. Worth buying!

- Texas Hold 'em Poker - Seems ok so far.

- Tetris Party - Huge game, lots of modes.
Graphics are only OK, but the variety makes up for it. Worth buying.

- My Aquarium - Not that awesome, but almost entertaining enough justify the 400 wii points.

- Bust a Move Plus! - Fun game, good graphics. But, 2 player mode is weak.

Virtual Console

All of the following are awesome. But I already knew that before I bought them -- they are childhood favorites (for various members of our family).

- Fantasy Zone for Sega Master System - One of my top 5 favorite games of all time. I want to create a page/shrine about Fantasy Zone on here Blifaloo at some point. I cried a little after playing this for the first time in over 20 years. Virtual console warmed my heart.

- Space Harrier for Sega Master System - Get Ready! Up Down Left Right ABAB Start. Trippy game. Faux

- Super Mario Bros 2 and 3 - NES - Classic Must-have games.

- Kirby's Dream Land 3 Super Nintendo - My kids love Kirby games.

- Donkey Kong Country - Super Nintendo


Play Online Games :

Connect 2 - Personal favorite, I wasted hours on this game.

  hard boiled icon

Hard Boiled- Work your way through these 45 Mini-Games.

big truck cargo Big Trucks 2- Race to the checkpoints without spilling cargo.   castle solitaire Castle Solitaire - Get the cards to the foundation.

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