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Blifaloo's Video Picks

Here we feature random funny or interesting videos, some of the most popular internet vids of all time, along with links to other cool video sites. Don't forget to bookmark us, and check back often.

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Featured Videos

From the It Gets Better Project:

One of my all-time favs:

Most Popular & Best Online Videos of All Time:

Required no particular order. (All vids open in a new browser window / tab. on YouTube.) PS: This is a really easy way to view some great videos if you are browsing on the Wii:

end of the world
End of the World
all your base video
All Your Base
dancing banana
Banana Dance!
star wars kid remix
Star Wars Kid (remix)
  otters vid
Otters Holding Hands
tunak vid Tunak Tunak Tun dance Evolution of Dance
numa numa
Numa Numa
Charlie the Unicorn
leeroyLeeroy Jenkins! potter puppetsPotter Puppets
Trogdor - Strongbad
punjab thriller
Punjabi Thriller
  news bloopers
News Bloopers


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Blifaloo's Computer Tips and Help - For beginner users wtih computers using Microsoft Windows.

Body Langauge Resources - Features here on and other sites with interesting info about body language.

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crazy cube

Crazy Cube - Fun, original puzzle game.

  tri peaks solitaire

Sheriff TriPeaks - Multi-level solitaire fun.

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