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Star Trek Personality Quiz

Which Star Trek Character are you?

You just made love to a beautiful/handsome man/woman do you:
Declare that you are mated and pronounce an oath of commitment.
Smile, and beam back up to the ship...on to the next adventure.
Compose a ballad dedicated to their beauty on your flute.
Thank them for helping you understand humanoid mating rituals.
Sorry, I only date aliens or holograms.
Leave the holodeck and go back to the bar.

You just won an award for:
Stopping yet another war between rival civilizations.
Team Spirit - woo!
Staying out of trouble for 2 episodes straight.
Bravery in battle
Bachelor of the year
Memorizing the dictionary

One word to describe you:

To convince an alien of your honest intent, you use your:
Infallible Logic (and/or breasts)
Good looks and charm
Fists and a pointy stick
Diplomatic wit
Bargaining and Bribing skills
Luck and prayer

Your greatest shortcoming is your:
Bleeding heart
Greed and bad dental hygiene
Unrealistic Optimism
Too proud/stubborn to express emotions
Inability to relate to the human race
Habit of failing in and out of love/lust like its going out of style


I would rather cheat and just look at the results.