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Text Messaging Acronyms:


Typing coherent sentences giving you the blues? Never learned to spell, and you have to to message your friends a quick note to meet you at the bar for pizza tonight, but your fingers and brain are sore?

Don't fret Sally, just type: "cu@ da bar 4 pza 2nite!"

@teotd At The End Of The Day
2nite Tonight
411 Info
4ever Forever
86 Over
a/s/l Age, Sex, Location
aaf As a Friend
aas Alive and Smiling
aatk Always at the keyboard
aayf As always, your friend
ab A** Backwards
abt2 About to
adr or addy address
afaic As far as i'm concerned
aka also know as
alol actually laughing out loud
aml All my love
asap As soon as possible
b/c because
b4 before
bitd Back in the day
brb Be Right Back
cu See you
cyt See you tommorrow
dl download
e123 easy 123
eom End of Message
ez easy
f2f face to face
fwd forward
gmta Great minds think alike
gr8 Great
gtg got to go
imo in my opinion
im instant messaging
imho in my humble opinion
j/c just checking
j/k just kidding
j/w just wondering
k okay
l8 late
l8r later
ld long distance
lmao laughing my a** off
lol laugh out loud
MorF? Male or Female?
n1 nice one
noyb none of your business
np no problem
oic Oh, I see
omg oh my gosh
omfg!!11 im a dork, shoot me
pza pizza
qt cutie
rofl rolling on the floor laughing
thx thanks
u2 you too?
vbg very big grin
wtf? what the f**k?
xoxo hugs and kisses
zzz sleeping or boring

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