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Sports & Billiards Online Flash Games

Baseball, Football, Pool, Bowling, Golf and More

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mini pool 2 icon

Featured Game: Mini Pool 2

Mini Pool 2 has been one the most popular games on Blifaloo over the years.

More Sports Games

Hand-picked, these are my favorites sports flash games. From Bowling to Tennis... shooting games are also here until I give them their own arcade section.


SnowBoarder XS - Collect stars, do tricks, and go fast.

    trap shooting  

TrapShoot - Choose yer redneck character, yer target & shoot.

wakeboarding game

WakeBoarding - Go fast, get air and land tricks.

  bowling master

Bowling Master - Bowling radness. Can you get a perfect 300?

tennis ace

Tennis Ace - Win the best of 5 games to earn a trophy cup.


Bowling - Another fun online bowling game.

cricket game

The Ashes - Cricket game, 2 player mode available.


Air Hockey from 2D Play, its air hockey fun.


Baseball - Swing batter! Test your reflexes.


MiniPutt Golf 3 - Everyone loves mini putt golfing.

rapid fire shooting game

Rapid Fire 2 - Addictive target shooting game.


Pool Games / Biliards

Billiards make for great flash games. Enjoy these original takes on the classic game. The whole mini pool series of games are some of my all time favorite flash games:

Mini Pool - Clear the pool table in the shortest time possible.


Mini Pool 3 - Can't get enough mini pool?


Mini Pool 2 - My favorite pool game on Blifaloo.

  deluxe pool

Deluxe Pool Another billards game by MiniClip.

crazy pool game

Crazy Pool - When balls of the same color collide they are removed.


Brain Snack - Read about the history of billiards on Wikipedia

More Games :

boat race

Boat Rush - Control the boat without hitting land.

  fowl words

Fowl Words - Create as many words as possible.

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