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Other Cool Flash Games

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Don't forget to bookmark this page. Why? -- Because this is one of the few arcades on the net without Pop-Up Ads! Games are handpicked by me, my kids, partner, and grandmas.


Featured Game: clickPlay!

clickPlay! - Use your mouse (or Wii Remote) in a variety of ways to find the PLAY button and move to the next level.

More Great Games:

xraye icon

Xraye - Original gameplay, addictive fun.

  seal bounce icon

Seal Bounce - Classic online favorite from Yeti Sports.

farting game

Dr. Fart-a-lot - Load up on gassy foods, light your fart & fly.

  tower blocks game

Tower Bloxx - Build your city one floor at a time. Addictive!

yeti games icon

Yeti Baseball - Penguin baseball from Yeti Sports Games.

  sift game

Renegade  - Slick ninja game. Warning: lots of blood.

planet runner

Planet Runner - Reminds me a Space Harrier. Cute game.

  mario combat

Mario Combat - Defeat your enemies.


Fish Eat Fish - Clear fish by tracing a circle around matches.


Balance - Gently move your mouse to keep your balance.

orca slap icon

Orca Slap - Northern animal friends doing crazy things.

  cursor chaos

Cursor Chaos - Point and click through unique levels.


JumpBall - Keep the ball on screen as long as possible.

  urban sniper game

Urban Sniper - Follow the instructions to take your targets.

sniper game

Urban Sniper 2 - This sequel is just as fun as the original.

  ninja game

Swordless Ninja  - Cute ninja 2D adventure.


clickPlay!- Find the PLAY button and move to the next level.


clickPlay2 - Try to finish with the least amount of clicks possible.


Remember to check back often as I try to add new games as well other great content on a regular basis. Please contact Blifaloo if something is broken.

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