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Blifaloo's Favorite Links


These links are not paid for, nor are they link trades: they really are my favorite websites.

Random Goodness:

Nice Guys = Bleah! - From ... very insightful, and hilarious. - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language. I'm a big fan, check it out.

Si Scott - Graphic design portfolio - I love this style.

Lounge Radio - Free online radio. Downtempo and fresh beats of nujazz - dipped into the warmth of brazil electro and finely served with a breath of ambient...


Well, you can only hang around here for so long. So here are other great sites that will help temporarily relieve boredom: - New links, constantly updated.

Shameless Self Promotion:

These are other sites I run or contribute content to:

Nostalgiaholic - Retro Awesomeness - Pop culture, vintage flair, retro goodness with some geekery to boot.

Campbell River - Serving Campbell River and surrounding areas on Vancouver Island.

Blifalood - The Blifaloo Blog - Random stuff... never know what yer gonna get.

Juggling HQ, Learn to Juggle - A juggling resource site.


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