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Thank You's, Info for Friends, Fans, Supporters & Stalkers

Thank you so much for supporting me over the years. I really do appreciate all your feedback, suggestions, likes, diggs, stumbles, tweets, blog mentions, etc.!

How You Can Help Blifaloo:

1. Tell your friends about Blifaloo, don't forget to tell your mom. Ha, your mom!

2. Like Blifaloo on Facebook, and share my pages with your friends.

3. Stumble your favorite pages on Blifaloo and the Boredom Blog.

4. Give me feedback. I appreciate your emails!

5. Link to Blifaloo. You can even publish one or a few of my cartoons or optical illusions on your site, blog, forums, Facebook walls etc.

Steal my cartoons, doodles, illusions, ideas, etc. and just tell people where they came from.

6. Check out my other website projects like: Nostalgiaholic, GiftNinja, and JugglingHQ.

7. Get interactive. Leave comments, even if it is just a "thanks", it lets me know which content is popular and guides the direction of the site.

Thanks for your support!


We Interrupt Your Boredom Relief for an Important Message:

Blifaloo Visitors: my good friend Rick is fighting brain cancer, and his sister put up this fundraiser for him. Please help if you can. Thanks.

You could even win a prize.

Click here to donate directly, or this link for more info about Rick, and why he needs donations. Keeping reading to find out why Rick deserves your help:

Please Read this and Pass it Along - Bucks for Brain Cancer!

Rick FlowerPlease send even a dollar or two if you have some spare money on your PayPal account (they accept donations by credit card too though, if you want).

It is short, easy and painless to donate. This is not a Scam or BS.

I went to High School Prom with Rick -- and have always considered him a great friend for life, and one of the truly awesomest humans I have ever met. Knowing such a good guy is going through such hard times (again) depresses me.

Rick and Me at Prom

He beat Brain Cancer once, and he can do it again. Please help him with the hospital bills and other costs of not being able to work because of seizures caused by the tumor. Because of the seizures, he is unable drive or work his trade as a carpenter.

Please just spare a buck or two. <--good Karma

Prizes for Donating:

You can donate anonymously or leave a message on Rick's FundRazr page (it gives you a choice to leave a message after you donate). If you leave your name and write Blifaloo in your message, I will enter your name into a draw for a cool prize (an awesome book).

Depending on how many people enter their donation I may give away more than one prize. I appreciate your donations ahead of time. I will use to choose prize winners. (My friends and family are not eligible -- sorry, this is for kind strangers.)

Anyone who donates can also request a personalized cartoon/doodle signed by me (Blifaloo / Toni) -- hey it might be worth money some day!

All donators will be awarded Karma+ points automagically.

If you have an issue with Fundrazr's app -- but still want to give, I can send you Rick's Paypal account to send a direct payment to him. Just contact me.

***Click here to donate directly, or this link for more info about Rick, and why he needs donations. ***

Why Rick is Awesome, and a Funny Story:

Rick was an intimidating looking guy in High School, even while wearing a dress.

He stuck up against the bullies in our school, he stuck up for minorities, gays, lesbians, freaks, geeks and nerds, and the little guys: He intimidated the bullies out of their destructive behavior.

With all the high school suicides going on around lately, if every school had a "Rick" there wouldn't be so many sad stories.

As a friend, I knew him as one of the toughest guys with the biggest, and softest hearts.

Nazi's hate Rick

One time, at a "battle of the bands" concert (circa 1994-6ish) in a nearby town outside Detroit: a group of "neo-nazi" skinheads picked a fight with us because we had non-white people in our group (I don't think they liked Rick's skirt either).

There were about 25 of them vs about 12 of us (and 2 of us were girls).

I can't remember how the fight ended but I remember getting home late. My mom chewed me out for being late for dinner. I said "But, mom we got jumped by a bunch of Nazi's! They had to take Rick's brother to the hospital..."

My mom said: "That is the stupidest excuse I have ever heard in my life".

True Story.

Rick's Family are Good People - Help Them Out

He is a big part of his brother's and sisters' kids lives. And he is a positive influence -- on all people. Please help him out, and if you can't -- at least pass this page onto a friend or post it on your blog, website, facebook wall, etc.

Uncle Rick

He doesn't have medical insurance, because he can't work. His seizures have forced him to give up his love of being a master carpenter. He lives in the US, where there is no universal healthcare -- his medical expenses are out of pocket.

Webmasters, Bloggers, etc: Donate to Ricky or Post this page or the fundraiser page on your website or blog and I will link back to your website (at my discretion, no adult or non family friendly content).

***Click here to donate directly, or this link for more info about Rick, and why he needs donations. ***

You can also contact me directly if you have another way you would like to help out.

Companies/business owners/websites wishing to make donations can contact me for free advertising on in exchange for supporting Rick's fundraiser.

Questions or Comments or Well Wishes are Welcome: