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5 Rare and Valuable Coins
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Connect 2 - Match the tiles. Simple, but addictive.

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What does "Blifaloo" mean? Blifaloo is what you say when you are too drunk/tired/lazy/dumb to say or type buatiful beautful beautiful. For example you might say "This taco is blifaloo!"

What is Blifaloo?

Here you will find fun games, interesting ideas, humor, interactive puzzles, free stuff, activities and information to temporarily relieve your boredom, exercise your brain, or just waste time. Chronic learners, opsimaths, hobby collectors and knowledge junkies - rejoice!

What makes this site so much different than other entertainment sites? Many popular sites pay their bills by intrusive pop-ups, spyware, adware and annoying advertisements... does have advertisements, but aims to keep them out of the way of the content. Ads that get in the way are very annoying. Did I mention...WE HAVE NO POP-UPS! (also no spyware, adware, etc.) Less Ads = More Stuff.

I try to offer as much unique content as possible; the articles, cartoons, illusions and other graphics on Blifaloo are original and not just ripped off from other sites.

Articles are updated with new references, facts and links as I find them. All pages are "works in progress", that is one of the most wonderful things about digital media -- it can be updated.

I try to keep the entire site (over 400 pages!) current, so if you see something wrong, broken, or have new info I could share with my visitors: please let me know.

Blifaloo features original magic tricks & tutorials contributed by celebrity magicians that you won't find published anywhere else online!

You'll find games featured here elsewhere on the internet, but I think you'll agree that the lack of pop-ups and fast-loading pages makes our little arcade one of the best on the web.

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Latest Additions & Ramblings: (also see - our boredom relief blog & forum)

April 28th 2015 - Check out these retirement gift ideas for your boss!

March 16th 2013 - Been unable to type or use a computer very well due to injury. My right arm is useless. Aarrg! Finding things to do with out the use of my right arm has been difficult.

So, I've been reading tons. My buddy Shawn gave me a copy of the Sorcerer's Apprentice to read. I consumed it within a day of starting.

January 23rd 2013 - First updates since before the new year! This time, I have no good excuse. Stay tuned...I have so many ideas to share with you.

I'm on a Plane!October 23rd - A few months without updates? I have a good excuse: I've been flying. I lucked into a sweet summer job flying over Vancouver Island looking for forest fires.

I know now that I must become a pilot! Here is some of the scenery where I have been flying. -->

June 12th - Spending most of my time away from the computer, enjoying the sun. Started reading Mark McClish's newest book: Don't Be Deceived: The Definitive Book on Detecting Deception - have a look. If you dig his articles on here on Blifaloo's Lie Detection pages, you'll be interested in his newest book that covers written, spoken and unspoken cues that indicate deception.

I'm feeling the itch to get back into cartooning...

April 25th - New: Android Resource Page - for smartphones, tablets and other devices that run on the Android operating system.

Don't forget: April Fools Day is coming up soon. Check out Blifaloo's newly updated prank idea page.

March 25th - New: Odd Ways to Get Money - Broke? A collection of money making ideas you may not of considered or known of. Updates to my list of documentaries worth watching, and hand shadow puppet pages. April Fools Day pranks updated with videos and new ideas.

Feb 29th - Multiple computer crash...ack! Getting back to working order.

Feb 5th 2012 - Small updates all over...figuring out what I am going to do about my newsletter and comments after Google Friend Connect is discontinued. Arg.

A few new features:TV Shows and Movies I Like, Interesting Documentaries, What's My Old Book Worth? and Graduate Programs in Psychology.

Jan 21st 2012 - Currently listening to Leonard Cohen and reading everything on Frankly Curious.

Jan 8th 2012 - Do you like music? Do you like good music, whatever the genre may be? Check out my page of Music Worth Listening To -- newly updated with weird music I can't get most of my friends and family to appreciate :D

Jan 2nd 2012 - Happy New Year! Started a page of 2012 facts and resources. Lots of small updates all over the site, if you like the puzzles and brainteasers section check back soon for an upcoming contest.

Dec 2nd - Researching many new topics, look forward to tons new features soon.

Nov 24th - Updates to Fun Facts - Do Giraffes have Vocal Chords?

Nov 10th - Not quite sure what Google+ Pages is all about, yet. But, I made one for Blifaloo anyway: - Plus me or something? I guess?

Oct 24th - A month of fall-sickies ran through the family...hopefully this will be it for the rest of the cold months. New websites: Also started a domain I've owned for too many years and never managed to launch in time for Christmas -- until now. Behold:

I also have a new guest author that will contributing to the Psychology / Cognitive Science section, look forward to that within the next week. Hmmm... oh yes, there is a new article about Stock Market Investments for Beginners, and a brief write-up about the psychology of lying.

Sept 14th - Spent the last month soaking up the last of drops of summer, and avoiding work. Kids are back in school, and I'm back to having a normal schedule. Come say hi on Facebook. Currently reading Paul Graham's Essays <- smart stuff.

Aug. 26th, 2011 - Lot's of little updates all over the place including the latest news on the iraqi dinar with new resources.

I've been yakking with Dan Lewis who maintains an awesome newsletter called:

now i know

"Now I Know" Learn Something New Every Day -- if you love the interesting info on this site, you will dig his newsletter. All fact, no filler. Look forward to Dan Lewis as a guest contributor to this site in the near future!

Aug. 4th - Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I've managed to get out of town a few times and enjoy Vancouver Island: climbing mountains on Quads, chillin' at the lake and relaxing in WossVegas ... and soon getting ready for our 2nd annual trip to Nootka Island.

black ops multiplayerUpdates include stuff about the word "actually" in detecting lies via Statement Analysis, CoD Black Ops, and a post about the new Mortal Kombat.

May 30th - Gave the boredom blog a makeover. Looks ok enough that I might post more often.

May 17th - Four new cartoons. Something about Facebook, a Picasso cartoon, the problem with pinches cartoon and the advent of currency. I cartoon in streaks, I guess.

My other cartoons were made when 800x600 was the average screen they are way too small for today's monitor resolutions. I am going to be remaking all of my cartoons over the next few months and hopefully adding some brand new ones, too.facebook humor

Wonder what other people like on Blifaloo? Check out this page => Top Pages

April 22nd - The Playstation Network has been down for 2 days now -- arrg. I'm going through Call of Duty Black Ops online multiplayer withdrawal. Good time to update the website, I suppose.

A few updates: There is a new article by Mark McClish about the word "Never" and its use in detecting deception. I also added a small page about "Victims" and Victim Psychology, mostly a resource to some good articles I've found elsewhere on the subject.

I have tons of new articles in the works, mostly about psychology and human behaviour - stay tuned. Also, been thinking of getting back into cartooning more.


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